Newcastle West End Foodbank
Tim Riches

Tim Riches

Student Donation in Solidarity with Newcastle University Staff



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All money goes to the Newcastle West End Foodbank.

As students at Newcastle University, our amazing lecturers and teaching fellows have supported us all the way through our time here. Now is the time to repay the favour. 

Newcastle University has pledged to refund students an extremely small percentage of their tuition fees due to the continued disruption faced throughout the 2019/2020 academic year, using money that would have otherwise paid staff’s wages.

In support of the staff of the Geography Department at Newcastle University, we have decided to donate the money to the Newcastle West End foodbank to show solidarity, and also support a great cause that helps to combat poverty and hunger in Newcastle.

We are asking students to use the small amount of money that they have been refunded to contribute to a good charitable cause, and highlight the support that is present within the student body for the improvement of University Staff working rights and conditions.

We understand that in this uncertain economic period donations to charitable causes might not be a priority for many people/students, so that is why we feel it is sensible not to ask for the entire amount of money that will be refunded. We instead feel it is appropriate to leave the amount open to the individual. Every donation to this charity will help feed people who desperately need the help of the foodbank, particularly during this difficult time. Every donation is greatly appreciated!

This page welcomes any donor that would wish to contribute to the Newcastle West End foodbank, and we have only used the refund for students as a base for which to develop this fundraiser.

We hope you decide to donate!

Jack Pearce and Tim Riches

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