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29/7/19 - Here we gan again…

On the 15th of August, one year after making it across the English Channel, I’m having a go at swimming across the Catalina Channel in America. It’s a similar distance to the English Channel, approx. 23 miles from Catalina Island back to California via the Pacific Ocean, with the usual challenges such as cold water, night swimming, strong currents, swell, and a bit more ‘sea life.’ 

I'm based in Newcastle, so Longsands beach in Tynemouth is where I spend most of my free time, swimming in the sea all year round. As with any swim in the sea or ocean I will need to be lucky with conditions on the day, but all of the training in the North Sea and Lake District should give me a very good chance of making it over. 

I’m doing this for the Newcastle West End Foodbank again – unfortunately, summer holiday hunger is real and affects many families in the north east living in food poverty. There is a great team of volunteers at the Foodbank in Benwell working very hard to make sure support is there for the many local people who need it, which also includes sustainable ways of providing food such as growing their own produce (fruit, vegetables etc). You can check out what they're up to at the link below:

If you could spare a few quid, it would be hugely appreciated by us all, including all staff and clients at the Foodbank. Cheers!


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